Voice actor

Mental health advocate


I'm a voice actor based in Los Angeles, where I've been able to use the knowledge I gained in my career as a mental health professional to tap into a wide range of personalities and tones. Whether you need a friendly, intelligent neighbor or an obnoxious teenager who's a bit unhinged, I can get there. I've studied improv, animation and commercial voice over in Los Angeles to continue honing my craft and still learn more every day.

I'm also a poet and spoken word artist who seeks to combine my love of words with my professional experience in voiceover and mental health. In my content, I explore ideas of love and mental health, cultural identity, as well as music and pop culture. Poetry is a medium that reached out to me and begged me to share my story.

If you think I can be an asset to your project, agency, or event, or if you just want to connect, I'd be more than happy to chat. Feel free to reach out and we can start creating!

Here are some organizations I've had the pleasure of working with

AK Films
Cats on the Roof
Saving Face Podcast
Studio M Photo